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Voted one of the top 25 thought leaders by HDI for the last two years, Ben Brenna pioneered a new varietal of ITSM known as ITXM, or IT Experience Management. The author of Badass IT Support, inventor of the QSTAC® ITXM tool, and a former psychotherapist, Ben brings a diverse, multi-tool perspective that has proved transformational in his time leading teams at Box, Twitter, Yahoo, and most recently Verizon, where he served as senior IT director.

After a decade in enterprise IT leadership, Ben turned his efforts towards QSTAC full time, building an enterprise app that now gives any IT team the actionable insights and data they’ve been missing to deliver an unforgettable, crowd-pleasing IT experience to their business partners. When he's not running QSTAC, Ben also hosts the IT After Hours podcast, plays guitar (loudly), and mentors IT professionals looking to up-level their career. Find him on TwitterLinkedIn or at