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SupportWorld Live Schedule 2024

HDI's SupportWorld Live provides inspirational sessions that matter to you, with high-quality speakers and more practitioner-led case studies than ever, this conference is sure to educate and inspire you.

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Pre-12: Rough to Polished: Refining ITSM with the Double Diamond Model

Katrina Macdermid  (Co-founder & Director, HIT Global)

Location: Room 201

Date: Monday, April 29

Time: 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Pass Type: VIP Access Conference Pass - Get your pass now!

Track : Modernizing Service Management, Achieving Service Excellence

Session Type: Workshop

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: All

In the realm of IT, the Double Diamond model of design thinking often remains an uncharted territory, while IT In the realm of IT, the Double Diamond model of design thinking often remains an uncharted territory, while IT Service Management frameworks like ITIL are unfamiliar to many human-centered designers. Yet, beneath the surface, both frameworks share a common objective: the enhancement of service delivery and user experience. However, their paths to achieving this goal differ and are even contradictory.

ITSM relies on the premise that adhering to best practices will yield the desired user experience. In stark contrast, the Double Diamond model challenges these assumptions. It discards preconceived notions and embraces research, empathy, divergent thinking, and various other techniques before implementing a solution.

This workshop will explore how the Double Diamond model can revolutionize ITSM processes by exploring the intersection of these two worlds.

Our discussion will uncover the brilliance of the Double Diamond model and its capacity to refine ITSM processes. By dissecting the overlaps and disparities between the Double Diamond model and ITSM, we will provide actionable insights and recommendations on integrating these approaches.

Attendees will gain an understanding of how the Double Diamond model can assist ITSM professionals in identifying and prioritizing user needs, prototyping and testing solutions, and elevating service quality.

We will also address common challenges and misconceptions encountered when applying design thinking to ITSM, including the framework's role, the significance of collaboration, and the necessity of balancing creativity with pragmatism.

Our goal is for participants to depart with a clear roadmap for applying the Double Diamond model to ITSM, thereby fostering a culture that is more attuned to user needs and dedicated to delivering the right user experience.


Understanding the Parallel Objectives: Recognize that both the Double Diamond model and ITSM aim to improve service delivery and enhance user experience, despite their different approaches.

Exploring Divergent Paths: Highlight the distinct methodologies of each framework, emphasizing how the Double Diamond model challenges traditional ITSM assumptions.

Synergizing the Approaches: Showcase the potential benefits of merging these two worlds, emphasizing how design thinking principles can enhance ITSM processes and IT services.

Practical Insights: Provide actionable insights and recommendations on how ITSM professionals can integrate design thinking techniques into their workflows, including user needs identification, prototyping, and continuous improvement.

Addressing Challenges and Misconceptions: Acknowledge common obstacles and misunderstandings when applying design thinking to ITSM and offer strategies to overcome them.

Cultivating a User-Centered Culture: Emphasize the importance of creating a culture that prioritizes user needs and fosters a positive experience delivery environment.

Clear Roadmap: Provide attendees with a clear roadmap on how to apply the Double Diamond model to ITSM within their organizations.

Balancing Creativity and Pragmatism: Discuss the need to strike a balance between creative thinking and practicality when integrating design thinking into ITSM.

Unlocking Potential: Conclude by encouraging attendees to explore the untapped potential of merging design thinking with ITSM for more refined and user-centric service delivery.