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Patti BlackstaffeCEO, Digital Leader AdvisorGlobalSway

Patti is CEO of GlobalSway, a division of the Strategic Sense Group of
Companies. She is on a mission to ignite the fusion of technology and
humanity as she consults within companies and trains digital leaders to
prepare for 21st-century challenges. Her No-Baffling-Shenanigans
approach transports organizations away from outdated leadership practices
and organizational structures no longer serving a new digital business
environment. A former corporate director of real-time integration within the
global Energy sector, she identified gaps in implementing
technology-driven enterprise initiatives. To fill those gaps, she launched her
own business in 2008, where she has focused on leadership, change, and
transformation for some of the largest companies in Canada.

Patti is highlighted in an article for Success Magazine on Leading Change,
is globally recognized as a thought leader in the technology space, and sits
on the Industry Advisory Council (IAC) for the Business Technology
Management and Analytics (BTMA) program at the Haskayne School of
Business, University of Calgary.

Listed alongside many of her mentors as one of HDI's Top 25 Thought
Leaders for 2021 has been one of her highlights. She has recently
completed co-hosting 51 episodes of a live-streamed learning initiative
throughout 2020/2021. Her first book, a small leadership guide, was
published last year, and her latest book, Hacking YOU: A Digital Leader's
Guide to Self-Awareness, is appearing in 2021.