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Leslie OFlahavanownerE-WRITE

Leslie O'Flahavan has helped thousands of people learn to write well for online readers. She has delivered writing courses for technical support staff, customer service agents, and social media managers. She is a problem-solver for all the writing challenges faced by tech support: email, chat, social media, and text. She helps companies train agents to write well, measure the quality of their writing, and maintain their knowledge bases. Recently, she completed a complete overhaul of customer service writing for a global airline’s domestic and international contact centers.

Leslie’s been named one of HDI’s and ICMI’s “Top 25 Thought Leaders,” Netomi’s “50 of the Best CX Influencers,” and ProcedureFlow’s “Top 30 Customer Service Influencers.” Leslie is a LinkedIn Learning author of five courses, including Serving Customers Through Chat and Text, Technical Writing: How to Write a Quickstart Guide, How to Write Customer Service Email and Writing in Plain Language. Leslie’s the co-author of Clear, Correct, Concise E-Mail: A Writing Workbook for Customer Service Agents.